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What is the area like?

The Journey to Ocean View


The journey to Ocean View and Coffee Bay is 73 kilometres of driving through totally unspoilt countryside.

You will be stunned by the beauty and wildness of the terrain around you. A long winding road through open veldt, valleys and mountains with breath taking views on either side of you, sometimes high cliffs, sometimes sheer drops but all part of the stunning arena of the wild coast.

Cattle and wildlife walk freely, giving you the true African experience. The ocean vista opens up before as you progress closer to the Hotel adding to the excitement of arriving at your destination.

The Local Experience

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The local Xhosa people are friendly and helpful, sharing their culture with anyone that is interested. You can experience the vibe of the local music in the ethnic bars, share the local food, stories and historical knowledge of the area while whiling away the small hours of the night or morning as the case may be.

Landmarks of the Area



The Hole in the Wall, one of South Africa's famous tourist attractions. The locals call this "izi Khaleni" which means place of thunder. During certain seasons and water conditions the waves clap in such a way that the concussion can be heard throughout the valley. Interesting Xhosa mythology and stories are also attached to this rock formation and coastline which the locals will love to embellish on.

Umdumbi beach which is rated by the 'Getaway Magazine ' to be one of the best beaches in South Africa, where the kids will love to beachcomb and build their castles in the sand.



Two types of comfortably furnished bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.
Choose between:

Sea View or Garden View

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Events We Host


Private Parties Ocean View is the perfect venue for family get-togethers, birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor and bachelorette parties.


Business Conferences We can provide facilities for your business' conference. We also offer team building exercises!


Events for the thrill seekers We are pleased to be able to host and accommodate many outdoor, adventure events including chasing sealife from the boat, trail running and off road biking.

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