The Wild Coast gets it reputation from the numerous ships and lives that have been claimed along the dangerous coastline. Dangerous as it may be, it is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Thanks to the lack of always-on cellphone reception and connectivity, the Wild Coast remains a ‘secret’ location – relatively isolated from hashtags and social media hype.

Because of the lack of connectivity, this under-the-radar paradise has a charm equal to that of a subtropical island. The locals here are friendly, self-sufficient and ever-eager to open their homes to strangers. The scenery is out of this world and the cost of your trip is dirt cheap compared to other similar experience.

The best way to experience this hidden paradise is on foot.

Hike along the pristine stretch of coastline. The scenery is spectacular; empty white-sand beaches are separated by steep green hills (which you will hike). The dramatic cliffs and rocky headlands are speckled with clusters of circular mud huts on the hillsides.

Learn about the Wild Coast’s maritime heritage by navigating the  shoreline. The Wild Coast hiking routes are the premier touristic routes and is the best way to explore the Wild Coast.

You can either walk or cycle the best of this remote section of the Wild Coast in relative comfort. The route offers the most spectacular trail and scenery in the country for hikers and bikers. Mountain bikers need to bring their own bikes

There is no mistaking the splendour of the Wild Coast and all its beauty that it has, being out on the trails brings into one accord with nature.