At Ocean View Hotel

Surrounded by exquisite scenery and a unique setting, Ocean View Hotel is a treasured Wild Coast coastal-country hotel with an exceptional vibe, a rich heritage of cultural people, breathtaking views, nature and incredibly beautiful weather creating the perfect holiday destination for couples, families & adventure travelers. Be part of one of the great wonders of the world that makes up this incredible coast-line of South Africa. Explore your untouched feelings & emotions as this wonderful Wild Coast leaves an everlasting impression and discover our wonder of the world with some exciting adventure.


Coffee Bay has some amazing trails with breathtaking views. Speak to our team for guided hikes on our amazing trails.


Ocean view hotel now caters for the recreational fishermen as well as the hardcore angler with some of the best fishing spots in the country on offer.


Wake up and stumble out onto the beach and grab yourself a wave or 15 minutes up the road you can try out the surfing Hole in the wall.


We have experienced guides who have in-depth knowledge of the culture & history of Coffee Bay.


Safe bays & gullies make it an ideal spot for some fun snorkelling or for the seasoned divers then spear fishing is on offer too.


Explore the rivers of the wild coast on Kayak, lead by a local team who have an invaluable knowledge of the rich Wild Coast history.


The kids play area made up of an outdoor jungle gym and trampoline as well as an indoor creative lounge.


Feel the need to fish for the big boys on offer or just want to go see some whales and Dolphins? Outsourced boat charters available. Weather dependant.


Coffee Bay has a rich history of culture, organised visits into the heart of the Xhosa folk with some enriching experiences to be had.